My First Field Trip

Sleepless nights, eager anticipation, riding on an actual school bus, a brown paper sack lunch (except mom forgot to get paper sacks so a plastic grocery bag had to do), an oversized aquarium, and playing in the park! The day of Keylen's first field trip had finally arrived. And although, much to his dismay, he still had to wear his school uniform, the overall day was a success! 

The Kindergarten classes went to the OdySea Aquarium this morning. Keylen said it was 'super awesome' and 'way more fun than regular school... like by 100X.' He also said that we definitely have to go back because they have a gift shop and he found something he wants to get (shocking).  The aquarium has sharks, penguins, seat otters, turtles, exotic fish, you name it. When asked about his favorite part of the Aquarium, he said it was learning about a sea turtle with "bubble butt" syndrome. If you can imagine, a class full of 5 and 6 year olds thinks this is hil-ar-ious. Turtles with this defect are unable to control their buoyancy, meaning they cannot dive down into the water as easily as other turtles, making it harder to get food. At the aquarium, the shell is equipped with special weights so that the turtle can dive with his buddies.

Kids are the WORST listeners at home, yet somehow the BEST listeners when they are busy learning.

His second favorite part: getting to be in one of the only small groups today on the field trip. Most groups had 6+ students per one adult chaperone at the aquarium, but Keylen and his buddy G were "specially assigned" to his Kindergarten teacher, one on each hand (no surprise here since Key is a little more rambunctious than 99% of Kindergarteners). Key say he liked having his own personal chaperone; leave it to him to find the positive in every situation.  

  OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona   

OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona